Rim Jaber

Dr. Salah Al Jurdi is one of the most caring doctors, he's professional!

It was a wonderful experience with Dr. Salah, he did a great job.

He explained everything to me in a very clear manner. I felt confident in my receiving expert medical care. Highly grateful for his experience and wide range of knowledge.

Ola el Khatib

Dr. Salah Jurdi is the best gynecologist that you can trust.

He is very professional and addresses all the concerns of his patients in a very scientific and caring way. In addition, he is very down-to-earth and treats his patients as family.

Amar Hout

I had my first appointment yesterday at the clinic with Dr.

Salah Al Jurdi and I couldn't have chosen a better doctor. The way he cares and explains every detail sets your mind at ease.

After researching many doctors, I can finally say I have found the perfect one to help me through my pregnancy.

Rima El Khalil

Being a patient of Dr. Salah was and still is an enjoyable journey.

Other than the fact that he is a leader at what he does, his humane side of him is something you don't find easily. His follow up is exceptional as you truly feel that he is concerned about your well being. I highly recommend him!

Joelle Ghannam

What an amazing experience with,Dr Salah Jurdi. Went for a general check up, he is so much attentive, asks general questions, concerned about women well being. I wish I met him before.

Finally find my dream gynecologist.

Mai Mohammed

This is the best Dr. I've ever had.

We have lived in the US, Egypt and Mexico I only wish he could travel everywhere with us. Very happy to have him

Ali C.

We have never came across a humble, professional and extremely expert OB/GYN. Thank you Dr Salah Al Jurdi for the professional and humble approach and for caring about us every single visit. God bless you and your efforts.

Houda El Hajj

Today I've visited the one and only one Dr.Salah El Jurdi. Can't say enough about his patience ‚his professionalism and his concern about the health of his patients. It's very rare to find a good listener doctor, who is ready to answer all your questions. Thank you doctor for your time and see you soon.

Mariana Alvarez

Hello, today was my first consultation with doctor salah jurdi, I confess that I have never been so comfortable in a gynecologist. he is a very educated person and a very studied doctor. I recommend 100% that you come with him. doctor thank you very much for everything! You're the number 1!




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